Mum’s genius lunchbox trick to cheer up kids who spent 5 months in lockdown

These amazing photographs show the wonderful lunchtime treats a mum makes her kids – which resemble TV and film characters, cult game classics and animals.

Jayne Hilpert’s incredible creations always put a smile on 11-year-old Luella and seven-year-old Thomas’ faces at school.

From beloved characters like The Grinch and Pudsey Bear, to the cult game Among Us and an Xbox, Jayne, 47, crafts these elaborate sandwiches and snacks for 15 minutes at home every morning.

The single mum-of-two, of Ipswich, Suffolk, began making the packed lunches when her children went back to school in September, with the idea of cheering them up after being stuck at home for five months during lockdown.

Jayne now has a fast-growing following on Instagram, where she shares her intricate ideas.

Jayne, a legal assistant, said: “I wanted to do something nice for my children when they went back to school, which is why I started making their lunches look fun.

“Luella had always had school dinners but when her and Thomas went back in September, they weren’t going to be available anymore.

“She loves everything to do with Japan so I started looking up bento boxes and searching for quirky ideas to make food look more interesting.

“Having had five months off school really impacted Luella in particular because she really enjoys it and she also missed her friends a lot.

“It’s been such a hard year for all children and I wanted to put a smile on my kids’ faces so they know that I’m thinking about them.”

Jayne, who works full time, quickly whips up the lunch boxes each morning in just 15 minutes, gathering theme ideas from her children’s favourite activities and hobbies.

She uses shaped cookie cutters and special containers to jazz up basic healthy ingredients such as boiled eggs, carrots and cucumber.

Jayne said: “The ideas come from my children’s interests so I made an Among Us themed lunch because they play the game and enjoy it.

“I don’t do as many fancy lunches for my son because he’s quite particular about what he eats and isn’t a big fan of sandwiches.

“I did get an Xbox and karate cutters to try and match up his interests to encourage him to eat what I put in the box.

“I always try and get a bit of fruit and veg in so there’s a nice healthy mix.

“I do use a lot of the same ingredients but in different ways – it’s quite amazing what you can do with cucumber, carrot and eggs.”

Jayne set up an Instagram page to show her incredible lunch ideas to her family, but she has now racked up almost 3,000 followers who love her creations.

She added: “I’ve been quite surprised at the positive reaction I got online and it has been really nice.

“Nothing I do takes more than 15 minutes – at the end of the day, I work full time and I’m a single parent so I don’t have hours to create masterpieces, I just do what I can.

“I enjoy challenging myself with each lunchbox and my children enjoy opening them every day to see a nice spread ready for them.”